Commercial Operations

It is often the case that a fresh pair of eyes is extremely helpful to the business planning process...

...and we at Real Healthcare Solutions are supporting a growing number of businesses through this essential process. We can advise you in the following areas in order to ensure that products and services are positioned correctly to maintain and grow revenue and profits.

  • Identifying Key Business Drivers
  • Objective Setting
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Mentoring
  • Revenue and Profit Growth
  • Satisfied Customers & Employees
  • Reimbursement and Tender Process Application

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Don't just take our word for it

“Over the past four (4) years we have engaged with the Real Healthcare Solutions Ltd (RHS) team to help us analyse market access opportunities. 
The RHS team provided support in developing a strategic forward plan for our medical devices and pharmaceutical businesses. 
We have formed a strong working partnership with the RHS team built on trust, their knowledge and the timely delivery and execution of agreed objectives and priorities”

CEO, Medical Devices and Pharma Corporation

Advisory board development and facilitation

We can support you by engaging with clinical and non-clinical stakeholders on your behalf to ensure a robust peer review of your products and service. Contact us at

Sales and leadership training

Self-reflective and 360 feedback tools are utilised to ensure that your team is working to its maximum capability. Development and adaption of KPI’s for new and existing roles adapted to the true need of your customer base. Contact us at

Clinical Evaluations

We offer full project support for Clinical In-Market Evaluations (CIME) to strengthen your clinical resource file and support listing for reimbursement. Contact us at