Market Intelligence

Real Healthcare Solutions understands the need for true and valued consultancy in positioning company and brand messages.

A strategic understanding of the current healthcare structure and future ideals is imperative for marketing messages to align to the direct needs of the providers of healthcare and to payers/commissioners of service. We can help with:

  • Understanding national policy
  • Advisory board and forum panels
  • Tender process and pathways of funding
  • Understanding your customer base

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Don't just take our word for it
“To better understand the unmet needs of our customer groups, we reached out to Real Healthcare Solutions Ltd. (RHS) to arrange an Advisory Board meeting.  
RHS undertook the full organisation of the meeting, including developing the programme, inviting suitable industry leading delegates, facilitating the day, and producing a high quality and clearly structured written report.  
Our objectives were more than met and we left the meeting with an improved understanding of our market and gained a number of new valuable relationships.”

European and Marketing Director, Multinational MedTech Company

Advisory board development and facilitation

We can support you by engaging with clinical and non-clinical stakeholders on your behalf to ensure a robust peer review of your products and service. Contact us at

Sales and leadership training

Self-reflective and 360 feedback tools are utilised to ensure that your team is working to its maximum capability. Development and adaption of KPI’s for new and existing roles adapted to the true need of your customer base. Contact us at

Clinical Evaluations

We offer full project support for Clinical In-Market Evaluations (CIME) to strengthen your clinical resource file and support listing for reimbursement. Contact us at