With the world seemingly having tilted on its axis in recent times it would seem that our previous newsletter highlighting the importance of Adaptability was timely.

How are you coping with the shifting landscape? 

The pressure on leaders at times like these is often forgotten: Leaders are expected to know all of the answers – which is not easy to do when they themselves have more questions than answers!

What are you doing that enables you to keep moving forward? With confidence?

It’s important to recognise that true confidence is not an absence of self-doubt. Confidence is better thought of as the ability to commit to action – decisively and consistently – despite the presence of this doubt.

With this in mind, we’d like to offer up a framework that might be helpful to viewing a difficult situation you may be facing from some different angles: 

Cope Framework

What resonates for you? Which questions do you feel you’ve thought through well? Which could you benefit from thinking through a bit more?

Mindflick’s COPE framework was designed to understand our Mindset preferences and serve as a framework to assist with approaching situations differently – particularly when under pressure.

To get the most from this framework it’s important to understand that we each have our own unique set of ‘lenses’ that we use when assessing situations and making decisions. This is perfectly normal and natural – but we need to remain mindful of the fact that we are likely to lean more heavily on our natural preferences, which can cause us to miss things. This is particularly true when we’re under pressure, which makes stepping into our ‘less comfortable’ Mindsets a bit more of a stretch – but no less important.

If you’d like some further prompts to explore these COPE dimensions in some more detail, some additional priming questions are available by clicking here and downloading the PDF.

We are, of course, also available to chat about this if you’d like to understand in a bit more detail.

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