Virtual Advisory Boards in 2020 – what we have learnt

February 8, 2021By Rich ShorneyNews, Opinion No Comments

Our valued support service of developing, hosting and facilitating Virtual Advisory Boards has gone on-line.  Following on from the success of supporting hundreds of national and international ad boards; focus groups; forums and discussion panels in the “real world” we extended our on-line facilitation offering in 2020. We were able to adapt to the challenge … Read More

Here’s to the end of a year like no other

December 22, 2020By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

A year of unforeseen obstacles that brought hardship and heartbreak, but one that also inspired stories of resilience, adaptability and reinvention. Healthcare Leadership has been an interesting focal point for us at Real Healthcare Solutions in 2020. A clear observation for me this year is that weak leadership has been exposed and there has certainly … Read More

The Empty Chair

July 13, 2020By Rich ShorneyOpinion No Comments

As the lockdown slowly eases, and more and more people return to work, we are beginning to get some insight into the challenges people will now be facing. More obvious are the physical changes required by social distancing and reconfigured team dynamics driven by increased remote working. If you were to scratch the surface though, … Read More

Hindsight is a great teacher

June 4, 2020By Rich ShorneyOpinion No Comments

Hindsight is a wonderful thing for telling us what we COULD have done when we were in the middle of a crisis.  But what do we, in the healthcare arena, do right NOW to ensure that we have the right mix of skills and capabilities to address all of the challenges that are going to … Read More

‘FLEXing’ for Effectiveness​

April 9, 2020By Rich ShorneyOpinion No Comments

We hope you found the framework and materials from our previous blog post helpful. Did using the framework spark any insights for you? We’d love to know about it, if so! The COPE framework is designed to allow you ‘walk around a situation’: To take a structured look at a difficult or complex decision or … Read More

‘COPE’ing with uncertainty

March 23, 2020By Rich ShorneyOpinion No Comments

With the world seemingly having tilted on its axis in recent times it would seem that our previous newsletter highlighting the importance of Adaptability was timely. How are you coping with the shifting landscape?  The pressure on leaders at times like these is often forgotten: Leaders are expected to know all of the answers – … Read More