How about joining the RHS team?

August 15, 2019By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

This is an opportunity to join a growing team in a dynamic, forward thinking company and provide specialist MedTech services to an ever-expanding list of industry partners. Real Healthcare Solutions Ltd has expanded over the past seven years to cover 4 key business areas: Commercial operations Training and development Market intelligence Clinical research Do you … Read More

What’s next for General Practice ?

June 8, 2019By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

The new GP contract, announced on 31 January 2019, marks an important moment for general practice, underlining its role as ‘the bedrock of the NHS’. Alongside the recently published NHS long-term plan and GP partnership review, the contract is a welcome acknowledgement of the undoubted strain that general practice has been under and makes some practical changes to help … Read More

Supporting leadership in complex times

April 19, 2019By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

In times of accelerating change and complexity, it’s becoming apparent that we need to develop new ways of doing things – to move away from relying on problem-solving techniques and towards approaches that support others to find their own solutions, while developing a willingness to recognise and work with what we don’t know. This willingness … Read More

‘Return on investment of public health’

December 9, 2018By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

The increasingly common misunderstanding and misuse of the term ‘return on investment’ and its conflation with ‘cost saving’ to public services – usually the NHS – are a cause for concern. In recent years, there has been a welcome increase in the development of both economic evidence in public health and of tools to translate … Read More

Patient-Centred Care

February 9, 2018By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

One key part of healthcare provision and services is the need to comply with procedure and perform duties in a responsible and ethically sound manner. Amidst all other changes, delivering the best service to patients and ensuring that the patient’s best interest is at the core of healthcare is crucial. Within healthcare and the healthcare … Read More

The new UK reimbursement process

December 2, 2017By Rich ShorneyNews No Comments

The UK Drug Tariff application has recently changed. Real Healthcare Solutions is currently supporting companies in the wound care and medical devices sector to better understand the new process to ensure a speedy and successful application of new products. Please do get in touch if you require support in this area Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash