Yes. Feedforward, not feedback.

Very simply put, rather than providing positive or negative feedback, feedforward consists in providing future-oriented options and solutions

Feedforward, a concept developed by business educator and coach, Marshall Goldsmith, is now an increasingly popular practice in today’s workplaces.

When an employee receives feedback, they get information about how they’re presently performing. Feedforward is the reverse exercise of feedback. It’s the process of replacing positive or negative feedback with future-oriented solutions. In simple terms, it means focusing on the future instead of the past.

Feedforward assessments give insight into how a situation can be improved in the future rather than focusing on positive or negative feedback.

Feedforward is not judgmental; it is empowering and eye-opening. It reinforces positive interpersonal relationships between employees.

Knowing the difference between feedforward and feedback makes the benefits easy to spot. Remember, the past is unchangeable, but the future is subject to change. Feedforward focuses on the development of a better future.

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