Hindsight is a wonderful thing for telling us what we COULD have done when we were in the middle of a crisis. 

But what do we, in the healthcare arena, do right NOW to ensure that we have the right mix of skills and capabilities to address all of the challenges that are going to come about when we emerge out of a crisis? 

Surrounded by uncertainty, how do we plan for the future and decide on what to do next? 

Hindsight is a great teacher, but before you do anything, you need to determine the scale of the actions that need to be taken and how far-reaching they will be.

In times of crisis, of the proportion of the current pandemic, where post-crisis things may not be the same again decisions need to be made about the business model and whether it is still fit for purpose. Considering the impact of virtual meetings may lead to a reduction in the requirement for office space, or changes to business travel changing the way work is carried out as an example.

We have recently been sharing leadership content with you, which we hope you’ve found interesting and helpful. We’ve worked through Mindset and Behavioural Style.

Your role as a leader in a crisis is to help people get through it, to reassure them and give them the right perspective. 

Any building is only as good as its foundations. The leadership equivalent is self-care: It is essential that leaders know themselves well, build in time to reflect, and look after their own wellbeing in order to be able to lead well – particularly when under pressure.

It is important for the leadership to be open, authentic and accountable for their decisions.

So what else have we been up to …

Meeting facilitation and Virtual Workshops

Whether you are running online training; supporting clinical advisory boards or simply running an important virtual meeting have you ever stopped and thought how important a good facilitator is in these situations?

We are supporting healthcare organisations and industry in facilitating virtual engagement on various levels.

Following on from the success of our physical Facilitation Workshops we have developed REAL Virtual Workshops.

A workshop facilitator is a person who essentially sets all the right coordinates for a meeting or workshop to take place and produce results. 

Running a virtual workshop is no different to running a physical workshop. The key is to identify the essential ingredients and figuring out ways to replicate them in the digital world:

  • Translating the Physical Workspace and Engagement to a Digital One
  • Facilitating Group Engagement
  • Breakout Sessions, Virtually
  • Keep Time to Stay Focused and On Track
  • Have key measures of what success looks like

What tools do you have in your toolkit that help you run effective virtual workshops? What pain-points have you felt from the transition to working from home?

If you need support in this area, please do get in touch and we can work on a proposal of joint working for you and your team. Just hit reply to this email.

New Team Member

We are thrilled to let you know that Jon Moss has joined the RHS team. Jon will be leading on our exciting Digital Marketing projects.

Jon helps businesses and organisations to be more successful through a better understanding and use of marketing and technology.

Jon founded Hull’s Tech community back in 2009 and ran the digital conference for three years as well as hosting the cities’ tech meetup for seven years.

He is the host of The Remarkable Business Show on remarkable.fm although he readily admits he needs to get some more episodes updated!

He has 25 years’ experience of business, technology, marketing and founding communities. He has lived in Italy, Asia and Australia and now resides near the City of Hull where he was a proud Board member of the UK City of Culture 2017. He is also the Co-Founder of the C4Di – Centre for Digital Innovation.

Jon has a knack of making marketing and online engagement easy to understand and knows precisely the tools needed to do so. He has worked with businesses across the world helping them be effective and efficient. 

He focuses on a marketing flow which he has put together which ensures everyone can understand precisely what marketing is:

✓ getting people to know you exist – know what you do

✓ getting to people to like what you do

✓ getting people to trust you (*critical*)

✓ getting people to use you, engage with you, buy from you…

✓ and then (often missed) recommend you

Effective marketing means creating an emotion, ideally curiosity first and foremost. This means someone wants to know more. You then need to ensure there is a level of confidence which leads to trust.

If you need help with your digital marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here info@realhealthcaresolutions.co.uk

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