With healthcare spending budgets greatly restricted and a vast array of new products being launched to markets across the world every year, companies are having to be very nimble and creative to ensure their products and services are leading edge and positioned correctly to maintain and grow revenue and profits. It goes without saying that effective business planning is a fundamental requirement to give you a chance to succeed. It is said that ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail.’ So too is the need for clear guidance and direction to marketing and customer facing teams to give clarity and meaning to day to day activities, all of which should point to the aims and ambitions of your business. It is often the case that a fresh pair of eyes is extremely helpful to the business planning process and we at Real Healthcare Solutions are supporting a growing number of businesses through this essential process.

Understanding your market landscape, knowing your competitors, identifying key business drivers, setting and outlining your main aims, developing a clear strategy, prioritising your objectives and implementing robust key performance indicators are all essential steps to enabling you to do the right things right. Moreover, your team will be more fully aligned across all business functions so that individuals can progress and work towards a common set of goals.

One example of how Real Healthcare Solutions is supporting our client base is with a UK based manufacturing company, promoting and selling their products through a global distribution network. Known for manufacturing highly innovative products and having long standing business relationships in many countries, Real Healthcare Solutions was invited to the business planning session. Key questions were raised which challenged the day to day activities of the business – was the business realising its’ full potential? Through several working sessions, a full and detailed review of each market was conducted as well as a review of the go to market messaging and sales interactions with distribution partners and end users. The culmination of the work was an agreed strategy which changed the direction of activity and messaging as well as introducing new ways of working. Recent sales results are positive, showing a healthy uptake of newly launched products and an increase in market share in the target countries identified at the planning stage.

Real Healthcare Solutions provided professional input and support that helped us align our 2016 strategy to current market needs and opportunity” said the Company’s Sales & Marketing Director.

If your business requires this kind of support and you would like to find out more please get in touch with one of our team.

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

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